140602 Baekhyun Q&A in PlayDB Interview

140602+3 140602+4

Article: http://www.playdb.co.kr/magazine/magazine_temp_view.asp?kindno=1&no=419

Q1: Singin’ in the Rain is a ( ) for me.
A: Challenge

Q2: If i were to express Don Lockwood in 10 words?
A: We have many things in common.

Q3: For my role, I’m confident to do better than others in this!
A: Work hard diligently, if it doesn’t work out, challenge until it does!

Q4: The most memorable words that the Director said during practice
A: You will be able to do well

Q5: If you were to expose(!) one mistake or episode of other actors’ in the practice room?
A: As i’m the one lacking the most, other actors’ mistakes can’t be seen.

Q6: One verse of your favourite lyrics in Singin’ in the Rain
A: “I think my heart is going to fly up to the sky”

Q7: Tap dance, this part is the most difficult!
A: ‘I should have used more of my left feet’ I had this thought many times. This shows how much my left feet doesn’t listen to me.

Q8: This aspect of me and Don Lockwood is similar!
A: The point that we are witty and overflowing with confidence?!

Q9: The best scene in Singin’ in the Rain that we have to watch with our eyes wide open?
A: Same answer as q5 (might be wrong printing D:)

Q10: Before the first performance, one spirit-lifting word to yourself?
A: Please don’t be nervous… Do it in the Baekhyun manner!



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