140602 Baekhyun Singin’ in the Rain Cafe Naver Interview


Musical Star
from an unknown world
Musical <Singin’ in the Rain> EXO Baekhyun

Article: http://cafe.naver.com/theartpark/84293

<Living Year 1920 on stage in Year 2014>
After starting the musical Singin’ in the Rain, it made me find and watch the the original movie. It was because i wished to find out about the act’s mood and its flow through watching the original movie. Even though the background of the act is set in the 1920s when silent movies were popular, the Don Lockwood character in the musical that i have to portray will become a character that you will be able to relate together with the current young generation!

<Singin′ in the musical>
While preparing for the musical, the most enjoyable point is also the most difficult point.
Although it is interesting to learn those new genres that i’m just beginning to get to know like ballet, acting that i have never tried before, at the same time, there are difficulties too. This is especially so for the charming tap dance that cannot be left out in Singin’ in the Rain. This is because i have to blend in, while being in sync with the formations and dancing, and become one image and sound with the actors through the tap dance.

<SMTOWN that got together for Singin’ in the Rain musical>
As this is my first musical challenge, there are many points that i’m lacking in. Whenever i come across areas that i don’t know, i always ask my seniors (TRAX Jay, SJ Kyuhun, SNSD Sunny, CSJH the Grace Sunday). My seniors are very reliable and they helped and guided me a lot. Actually as i’m the youngest in Singin’ in the Rain, not only my hyungs and noonas, all of the actors and staff take care of me with much compassion and concern. Because of them, i was able to adapt easily without much difficulty.

<Your first ever melo acting>
I am challenging the melo (genre) the first time ever after my debut. Maybe that’s why…. i’m not used to it very much. (laughs) I think i am still very awkward on stage, i am currently working hard in order to show the most natural (acting) atmosphere.

<Baekhyun’s Show Time>
After debuting as EXO, i became interested in musicals. Currently, being able to perform in a musical that i wished to experience, i am very excited and nervous. I am now diligently preparing in order to show a good aspect to the audience and my fans who are having great expectations and greater nervousness. Singin’ in the Rain and also Don Lockwood who will be created by Baekhyun-ie on stage, i hope that you can give us lots of love!



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