140624 Tao Weibo Fan Interactions Compilation


Tao: It’s been a long time since i came to play at Weibo, are you guys doing well? Dare to share your exam results? (snicker)


Fan: (sad)(sad)(sad) I missed you for a long time. There’s are lots of things i want to say to you.

Tao: Say it then~


Fan: Tao ah, do you dare to give each WHL(Tao’s fans) a kiss?

Tao: Then i estimate i can’t finish kissing all in a lifetime (happy)


Fan: Tao-zi, what can i do now? What am i able to do? Are the exam results going to decide my life just like that?

Tao: It won’t! Exam results don’t mean everything.


Fan: Do you dare to share your driving theory results?

Tao: I forgot…….ha ah ah ha ha


Fan: Tao ah I miss you a lot and Our hostel has bugs So irritating (laughs while tearing)

Tao: Buy an insecticide or mosquito repellent to take care of those fellows


Fan: It is already good enough that i could score 190 out 200 marks (upset), why aren’t you replying me?! You have the guts to hide in there, why aren’t you replying me?! Reply me Reply me You have the guts to look at the comments, but no guts to reply! Reply me x5 !!!!!!!!!!!! [Or… Meet you at the pinned post…World’s Scariest Story Competition, Tonight at 10pm, Open!(smile)]

Tao: Childish….


Fan: Tao I always get First Place in my exams (touched) You are my invisible motivation(heart)(heart)(heart)

Tao: Then you are really my role model Keep working hard


Fan: Quickly come and exterminate cockroaches with me

Tao: I thank you.. You can go alone And your display icon is very cute hahahaha


Fan: Tao-ge! Its been a few years since my high school exams are over… and i didn’t take the year end examinations too, i have no results to share What to do… (crys) Don’t despise me! Tao-ge x5, or should i call you Tao-sir! Tao-sir, notice me! Tao-sir!

Tao: It’s okay My studies weren’t good too There were only a few exams that i passed hahaha Do you believe?


Fan:  I am waiting for the results with my sister~~ Depends on my sister! The results only appear at 12 midnight! (happy)(happy)

Tao: Don’t be nervous Everything will be fine as long as it is not zero marks hahahaha


Tao: You, look forward to your results well hahaha


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