140706 Lay Weibo Update Translation


The same question, before each of us answered it, it was so difficult to speak about.

The same question, when each of us was answering it, (the answer) became so unified.

The same question, after each of us answered it, became so touching.

Tears are for my little friends. After going through all this, we would have grown up, changed. You all have really suffered, i am very worried about you all.

Many fans tell me, (that) they are very tired. Are you tired? Then just take a short break. It’s okay. Actually all of you have the right to like every person that you like. Every person that you like is very outstanding.

But also, i hope that everyone wouldn’t become too tensed up. Don’t let yourself become too tired. I hope that supporting someone wouldn’t become your burden, turn into a quarrel. I think that every person that you support would think that way too. So that’s why everyone should give yourself some leeway to relax.

Regarding the issue of “black” (“Black” refers to all the negative rumours), it has followed me around for more than a year. The things that i have never done, i don’t see the need to explain. I don’t think that white can be talked to become black, black can be dyed to turn into white. It is just a discussion resulted from some guesses. As everyone doesn’t understand how is the real situation like, of course you have the right to guess, deduce, discuss, i totally understand, so everyone please don’t mind those too much.

I am also anticipating that our company will change: At the same time of developing EXO, it will also value every person’s individual opinions and dream. Create opportunities for us, don’t act solely on their thoughts without considering others’ opinions. Because everyone in EXO is very outstanding and are filled with endless individual charms,

Our company is a good company, i choose to believe the company. Whether it will continue to improve, change, there are game rules in a game, similarly there is a company system in a company. No one can achieve in getting along a hundred percent with others, but during work, it is possible for both parties to accommodate each other, to listen to each others’ thoughts, to let the other party have their way. These will double our works’ results with half the effort exerted. I believe that EXO will become better.

Actually, at the same time when each member increases their individual popularity, it also brings a greater honour to EXO, to our company.

I hope that us (EXO), our company, our fans can support each other.

I hope that EXO can create another moment of glory. I look forward to EXO’s indestructible kingdom. I want the glory of EXO’s indestructible kingdom!


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