141016 EXO-L Homepage Message from Kai Translation

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[From. KAI] Pinky Finger (Promise)

Hello I’m EXO Kai.

Perhaps, did you see the lunar eclipse a few days ago?

If not, perhaps you might have seen the rubber duck that was floating on the lake.

I am always curious about how our fans are spending their days.

That’s why i ask our fans about their day, and in order to keep my promise made previously, i am writing this.


Recently, what kind of a day have you been spending?

For me, i either go for schedules; or when i don’t have schedules, i meet up with my family.

Practising alone too, i have been spending my days as such.


It is very plain, right?


But i am spending today, a little bit different than yesterday, interestingly.

What about everyone? Are you living with a similar daily routine?

Then how about spending today a little more different than yesterday, shifting your furniture’s position or

changing the location you place your shoes, or going home by a different route than usual.

What do you think about finding happiness through these little things?


Even though it might seem similar on the surface,

it might also become a new, interesting day for us.


If you become used to that too, even though it is different from the past, it would become a peaceful plain life, right?

It would be good if everyone was same as me~


Anyway, i feel like i can do anything together with everyone.

EXO-L You know that i love you~ very much right?

Up til now, it was Kai who is walking the same path as our fans.



P.S.Promise that our love/fondness for each other will never ever change!!


Leave me a message please~

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