141030 Zhoumi’s Rewind ft. Chanyeol Tao Rap Translations

Korean Rap lyrics by Chanyeol

내 시간은 또 반대로 가네
계속해서 내 맘 한구석 안에
네가 남겨놓은 흔적에 홀린 듯이
자꾸만 추억 속으로 날 데려 가네

웃기만 하던 내가 변해가 좋았던 그때가
지워지지 않아 조금씩 목을 조여와
시간이 비디오라면 누를래 Rewind 버튼
걷어버려 아픈 이별이란 커튼

My time is moving backwards again
Continuously, in one corner of my heart
As though mesmerised by the traces you left behind,
i keep getting brought back into our memories

The me who only laughed has changed, the past that was good
doesn’t erase away, and strangles my neck bit by bit
If time was a video, i want to press it,  the Rewind button
Roll it up and throw it away, the curtain of Departure

Chinese Rap lyrics by Tao

 我的时间又逆时针 go

你笑容带着甜蜜很美丽 那时候的回忆
是多么的想你 在脑海盘旋好清晰
时间如果可以倒带那赶快 go 穿越过去

My time is moving anticlockwise go
Traces keep appearing around me
You left traces of you beside me,
which made me immersed in the memories, unable to escape.

Your smile had a sweetness, was beautiful The past memories
I miss you so much, (that) it revolves in my mind so clearly
If time could rewind then let’s quickly go penetrate it
Don’t run away, let us stay in this moment


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