141110 Sunny’s FM Date Suho Message Translation

< 3 questions, 1 song!> Idol Special Edition

Hello, all Sunny’s FM Date family members~ I am EXO’s leader Suho.

The questions that i have prepared are about my regular life, listen carefully~

Question One! What is the most enjoyable (thing that you did) recently?

Uhh… At ten o’clock, i went out to Han River and played basketball!

Among all the feelings that i felt recently, it was the most carefree time.

Question Two! Who are the people you played basketball with?

Uh, our EXO member Tao and university same-year school mate as well as a close hyung of mine, Actor Byun You-han.

Giving me happiness and whom i learn from, uhh.. they are people i’m really thankful of.

Question Three! What is happiness felt by EXO Suho?

Uhh.. It is to enjoy this current moment.

When i’m on stage (enjoy) the stage!

When i’m engrossed while playing basketball!

The feelings that i feel at those moments, i think those are happiness.

Song that Suho requested: <Happy> by Pharrell Williams


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