141214 EXO-L Official Homepage Message – Suho

[From. SUHO] Sincerely, thank you.

141214 EXO-L Message Board Baekhyun Suho

Hello I’m Suho who protects EXO.

Today, i did my last broadcast as an Inkigayo MC.
While doing Inkigayo for almost the whole of Year 2014,
I met good people, learnt a lot,
and created memories i won’t forget for a lifetime.

During our World Tour concert, occasionally taking the midnight flight together with Baekhyun
and returning to Korea first to MC, there were many such occasions.
During our MC stint, even though there were many events
more importantly, through my Inkigayo MC position every Sunday,
I was thankful and happy that i could meet everyone.

Inkigayo MC.. It was a position that i’ve dreamt of from a long time ago.
Even though it wasn’t easy as it was a live broadcast, and i made many mistakes,
it ended well because of everyone.

Sincerely, thank you. EXO-L

In the future too, i will do my best in everything
and become a hardworking and humble EXO Leader Suho.


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