141219 December, 2014 The Winter’s Tale SUPERSTAR SMTOWN Lyrics

Korean lyrics credits to Melodious_DOB5LLhTYCMAIH0n6

Just like the one, two street lights that just keeps stretching out, the approaching white winter

After the quite good season passed by, after the sometimes tiring season passed by, i met you whom i missed.


I carefully open the box that i’ve hidden deep down, and retrieve the memories we created last winter.

Smiling gently all night long in front of the blinking flame,

Under that tree, without anyone knowing, i hid my heart and held your hand.


Going around the world a few times, and meeting you again

You being the only one who hugs me warmly

The falling white snow, that resembles you, accumulates more snugly,

and the very cold winter snow seems to melt and disappear.


有如 一个两个 在延长的路边街灯 白色冬天临近

那美好的季节过去 那有时令人疲倦的季节过去  遇见了我想念的你

小心翼翼地打开我深藏的箱子 拿出我们去年冬天创造的回忆

在那闪烁的火苗前 一整夜微微地笑着

在那树下 默默地 藏了我的心 牵起你的手

转了地球几圈 再一次遇见你

温暖地抱着我的 唯一的你

与你相似的白雪落下 更温暖地累积

仿佛再冷的冬雪 都会融掉似的 消失


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