150222 EXO-L Official Homepage Message – Kai

[From. KAI] Please receive many new year blessings

Hello. I’m EXO KAI.

Did everyone receive lots of new year blessings. (And you have) eaten rice-cake soup?
As for me, my mum cooked rice-cake soup before the lunar new year, so i probably am about a 100 years old.
Everyone, call me Oppa. he he I’m joking.

I’m missing EXO-L so much recently that i have come to play lightly at the homepage.
There aren’t any happenings, right? It’s cold but you didn’t catch the cold, right?
I’m Kai who thinks of EXO-L whenever i practise or eat rice-cake soup or sleep.
I miss EXO-L. ㅜ
Including my feelings that i miss everyone, i shall upload a photo and go off to practise~


That doll is EXO-L ke ke



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