150309 Baekhyun Instagram Comments


It is quite late now, but you can’t sleep so early..? Hmm… Wait a while ..
– (moon)(house)(running person)(wind) (I’m reaching soon !!!)
(house)(running person)(wind) (Ok! Now look outside your window!!)
(house)(standing person)(message box) Sleep well oh~~~~!!
(I worked so hard.. What to do if i didn’t get the distance right..)


As expected of me, the distance wasn’t right…. Ha ha..;; (cries)


Because of my members, it looks like my singing and dance have improved .. Right?
(On our) concert, I really want to show everything to each person individually, it’s such a pity..


Because all of my members did so well,
together it looked as though i danced well, and did well too!? he he


Also, after hearing the cheering sounds, i gained lots of strength…?? Ha Ha


From a long time ago, i was reading everything ! All the words that my fans say !
That is why i wanted to say ‘I’m very thankful’ (lovey dopey eyes)


Thank you and thank you again. I hope that you will have a good dream today too !^^
For tomorrow, hwaiting too! And if you can’t fall asleep, give me a call !
call me baby ^^ kekekekeke


2 thoughts on “150309 Baekhyun Instagram Comments

  1. may i ask you something?? where did baekhyun write those comments, in which photo?? i’m sorry for my poor english.. and thank you 😀


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