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Law of the Jungle – Onew
140404 Law of the Jungle in BORNEO Episode 1 FULL (Onew)
140411 Law of the Jungle in BORNEO Episode 2 Onew Cut
140502 Law of the Jungle in BORNEO Episode 3 Onew Cut

140509 Law of the Jungle Brazil Episode 1 Onew Cut
140516 Law of the Jungle Brazil Episode 2 Onew Cut
140606 Law of the Jungle Brazil After Dinner Talk + Onew Minwoo Self-cam
140704 Law of the Brazil Epilogue Onew Cut

Variety Shows
091114 YooHeeYeols Sketchbook SHINee Interview Cut
100514 时刻准备着 Be Ready Anytime SHINee
100912 SBS HahaMong Show SHINee CUT
110913 Mezamashi Live at Odaiba
110929 Mnet Boom the Kpop SHINee in Singapore
111006 Mnet Boom the Kpop SHINee in Singapore
111006 Mnet WIDE Gwangju Concert Backstage SHINee CUT
111020 魁! Music EIGHT SHINee
111029 Happy Music SHINee Talk + Perf Cut
111031 HEY! HEY! HEY! Music Champ SHINee Talk Cut
111104 Music-on Monthly SHINee Cut
111115 OBS Ent News SHINee in London
111205 Just Love JK SHINee Special + BTS
111214 100% Entertainment SHINee Cut
120322 Mnet WIDE Ent News SHINee Sherlock MV Making
120324 KBS Ent News Relay SHINee Cut
120327 SHINee’s Sherlock Dance Lesson
120327 Mnet Japan M!Countdown Backstage SHINee Cut
120329 Mnet WIDE M!CD BTS + Open Studio Talk SHINee
120331 KBS Ent Relay Guerilla Date SHINee
120407 Immortal Songs2 Taemin Talk Cuts
120414 Immortal Songs2 Taemin Talk Cuts
120508 Just Love JK SHINee Etude Interview
120519&120526 SBS Star King Jongtaekey Compiled Cuts
120519 & 120526 SHINee Previews for Shinhwa Broadcast EP12
120602 SBS Star King Jongtaekey Cut
120602 SHINee Preview for Shinhwa Broadcast EP13
120624 MTV Taiwan 日韩封神榜 Jap-Kr Ranking Chart SHINee Part 1/2
120627 One Night TV Ent SHINee Japan Arena Tour Interview + BTS
120628 GTV 娱乐百分百 100% Entertainment SHINee Special
120701 MTV Taiwan 日韩封神榜 Jap-Kr Ranking Chart SHINee Part 2/2
120820 SBS You&I SHINee Talk Cut
121012 NTV Happy Music SHINee Talk + Dazzling Girl Performance
121020-121110 NTV Happy Music SHINee Complied Cuts
140218 Mnet The Music Interview – SM The Ballad (Jonghyun and Taeyeon)

110902 Music Japan Interview SHINee Special
110927 Mezamashi TV SHINee Interview Cut
111114 SBS Popasia SHINee Interview Teaser
111119 Space Shower TV SHINee Comment
111206 SHINee THE FIRST Release Amazon Comment
111216 Children of the Sun Book Preview + Interview
111220 SHINee on MTV Videography
120401 SHINee SHERLOCK New Release Comment
120417 SHINee Sina Interview on Sherlock Album
120511 SHINee Ustream Live Chat Interview
120525 SHINee Japan TV Entertainment Samurai
120602 ABCTV MuJack SHINee Sherlock Release Comment
121128 SHINee 1000 Years Always By Your Side Album Introduction
121122 ELLE GIRL TV The Ultimate Two Game SHINee Part 1/2
121129 ELLE GIRL TV The Ultimate Two Game SHINee Part 2/2
130823 Mezamashi SHINee Boys Meet U Interview
140319 SHINee Sinlang Interview

Radio Shows
120418 SBS Radio The World Unites as One Through Love SHINee Narration Cut
120420 SBS Choi Hua Jung Power Time Radio SHINee Cut

[DVD] Lucifer MV + Jacket Shooting Sketch
[DVD] SHINee THE FIRST Jacket Shooting Sketch
[DVD] Sherlock Jap Version Jacket + MV Shooting Sketch
[DVD] SHINee’s 5th Jpn Single Dazzling Girl Jacket + MV Shooting Sketch
[DVD] Making of 2014 SHINee Season’s Greeting
141224 SHINee 2015 Season Greeting DVD

111028 Etude House SHINee Missing You Bee Happy
111118 ETUDE House Sweet Play SHINee Shooting BTS
111228 SHINee & Dara’s 2012 Happy New Year ETUDE Greetings
120116 ETUDE Skin Malgǝm SHINee Compiled Clips+ ETUDE Fresh Skin Song Making
120329 SHINee ETUDE House Morning Calls
120503-120510 ETUDE Coool Skin World Championships
120516-120529 ETUDE Coool Skin World Championships Interviews + Making Film
120813 ETUDE SHINee&Dara SNS Marionette Song Dubbing Studio BTS
120814 ETUDE SHINee&Dara SNS Marionette Song Teaser Video
120820 ETUDE SHINee&Dara SNS Marionette Song- Dont Trust the Lash Girl Release!

[MP3] SHINee The 1st Japanese Album THE FIRST
SHINee LUCIFER Tower Records Online Special Message + Replay HMV Online Message
111010 SHINee KAKAOTalk ‘Plus Chingu’ Celebrity Message
111015 SHINee Global Super Idol Promotional Clip
111102 Mnet Idol Chart Ultimate Look-alike 5th Jonghyun
111120 K-friends Concert SHINee Talk Fancam Collage
111123 Taemin’s Star Call
111206 Vogue Korea Shoot I, Robot – Taemin, Minho
120227 SHINee Jonghyun’s Twitter Video of Roo
120315 Sherlock•셜록 (Clue+Note) Jongtaekey Teasers
120322 SHINee Yinyuetai Greetings
120614 SMTOWN I AM Promotion Video SHINee
120815 Nylon TV Korea Taemin Coming-of-Age Photoshoot
140203-Present MBC Radio – Blue Night (DJ Jonghyun)
141114 CeciTV December 2014 Cover Story – Letter from SHINee

040218 KM I Love Show Tank – DBSK Greetings
111018 JYJ Message for Thailand



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